The Thaw

“He will once again fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.”

{Job 8:21}

As I walked outdoors one February morning, a breeze came to greet me. I smiled as it gently kissed my face and danced through my hair as it traveled along its way. The birds began singing for the first time since winter, expressing their joy over the warm weather – the first signs of spring.

Maybe you’ve been experiencing a winter of your own, a freeze, a hardening of your heart. Sometimes we ignore flaws in our being, pushing the thought of them to the back of our minds, freezing that part of ourselves to be an unfeeling mass within us. Whenever we notice a flaw in our being or feel shame from something we’ve done, we choose to believe it can never be forgiven or changed. So we hide it in the dark side of our character, intending never to bring it to light.

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january 31. 2018

As I flew across the mountains of California a few weeks ago, I noticed the small valleys running down each mountain, where the ice and snow had thawed and marked a path down their massive slopes, each year growing greater in size and depth. Every mountain had a unique system of veins cut deep down their sides where water would often travel.

And there, we have something in common.

Sister, no matter how hard you try to conceal your wounds, he notices. He sees where the rivers of pain have carved deep into your heart.

Yet everything has it’s beauty.

The thaw of a snow, providing a way for moisture to seep into the soil. The thaw of a frozen, shattered heart, making a way for a spiritual spring. A harvest of song and rejoicing, a time you thought would never come again.

Darling, let me say this. Maybe you’ve tried to hide from the Lord. Maybe you’ve partaken in actions or said things that, looking back, did nothing but harm you. Instead of hiding in your shame, you must understand that every season you undergo, beneficial or harmful, God can turn into something beautiful. Whether or not the veins of your being were carved out by a river of sin, or shaped by Holy Water Himself, God can make it all part of your unique landscape. Whether your recent life has been filled with joyful hallelujahs or mourning songs, it’s all part of your personal symphony. You have to be willing to give Him all the pieces of your life if you want the glorious picture to be completed.

Dear, come back to Him.

Come out of your hiding place and out into His light, His everlasting warmth.

Let your old life be washed away by the spring rains, and you will be amazed at the beauty to be found, when you cast off the icy exterior of your past life, and allow the seed planted by Him to grow and bloom.

Allow your heart to thaw. It may be painful at first, but it will be oh so worth it.

With so much love,


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