Resist & Remain

In the end, You’re all that matters. 

In the end, You’re all that will remain.

In the end this all will fade away, 

except Your love for me.  

A few months ago, during a Bible study with some friends, the subject of Jesus’ crucifixion and Judas’ betrayal of Him was mentioned. We didn’t elaborate on it, but the little that was said stuck with me.

“And so, Judas traded Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.” 

30 pieces of silver. In that moment I realized the magnitude of what Judas had done, trading the Savior for a handful of currency. Truly, a small bundle of coins seem small compared to the power of Jesus Christ, don’t they? Yet, I realized, I did the same thing nearly every day, and that’s when I asked myself this:

“What am I trading Jesus for?”

Indeed, what am I trading Him for? What are we idolizing, what are we pursuing, at the expense of a neglected relationship with our Father? In the words of Lysa Terkeurst, what is pulling your heart away from the intimacy God desires with you? Is it our phone? Our social media statuses? Is it our friendships we sacrifice our faith for?

One example is the infamous excuse, “I just can’t seem to find time for God.” We spend hours of our day mindlessly spending our time on empty distractions. But we just “can’t seem to find time” for the One who created time itself. I used to never have a personal Bible study. For years, when my conscience softly knocked at my door, then I might read a few chapters of a shallow, daily devotional. But never before had I dwelled in the Word, or sat in the Presence of my Father and soaked in His glory, gaining confidence from Him. I realized this year that time with Him is the most important thing I could ever do, especially at my age, where I am growing and building the way I interpret the world.

Do not fool yourself by placing your trust in empty riches. {Job 15:31}

Empty riches. Certainly, that is what Judas held in his hand that night – empty riches. Posting constantly on social medias may reward in large numbers of followers, but that reward is empty. Being pretty and popular with everyone by hiding your beliefs may seem like a reasonable sacrifice, but that glory is empty. In emptiness you find a void, a space stripped of color, of feeling, of richness, of glory. Do you really desire empty riches?

God paid a high price for you, so don’t be enslaved by the world. {1 Corin. 7:23}

Jesus Christ gave up the ultimate to free you. There is no reward to be found for those that return to their chains. If Jesus has rescued you from addiction, do not return to it. If He has broken you from the chains of a hurtful relationship, do not put the shackles back on your bandaged wrists. Do not trade Jesus, do not trade your reward and glory for the pleasures of this world. 

Hear me when I say this, pursuing Him does takes work. A personal, intimate, relationship with Him is built on dedication. It is built on determination and perseverance. The world may say it is futile, the world will say it is a waste of your time, but believe me dear sister; chasing Jesus is the most rewarding thing, despite what anyone may say. The fruits you shall bear from this are sweeter than life itself, the riches you shall gain are more beautiful than anything in this world. The feeling of satisfaction is fulfilled. The more time you spend worshipping and learning about Him, the more in tune you are with Him. The more of our lives we spend with Him, the more our hearts beat to His song, our spirit dancing to the holy rhythm. 

In Jesus’ name, I pray a spirit of strength and perseverance over you beauties. Never stop chasing after what is beautiful. Always feed the craving for intimacy with Him. When thirty pieces of mere silver are offered to you, requiring a sacrifice of Him, resist. For after this world passes and all of its empty riches fade away, He will remain.

And I pray that you and I, dear sister, remain with Him.

In Christ, and with much love,


4 thoughts on “Resist & Remain

  1. I wish I had known what you know at your age. Thank you for this – even at my age – no matter how long we’ve known Him – the distractions never stop – our enemy is always trying to steal our time with Him. This quickened my heart and reminded me of the joys only found in his presence. Thank you so much – and for saying it so beautifully and with such grace – which of course can only come from Him.

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