He takes us as we are – and makes us more than we ever imagined. {Neill F. Marriot}

But I was doing so well. 

I find myself saying this once again. I was standing at the top of His holy mountain. Singing praises, my heart gladly carried through the day with joy for the future. Sincerely praying, I took joy in basking in my Father’s love. But suddenly, as I walked, my steps took me into the valley. An uncomfortable valley.

“This isn’t where I want to be, God”, I said. “Please, take me out of this.”

But, God has blessed me so abundantly with sweet friends that are always willing to talk, encourage, and help walk me through my struggles. Don’t you know, God provides for our every need? In every moment, in Him, I have all I need. God knows I am deeply encouraged in fellowship; and He blesses me with kindred souls. Our God is so faithful, my sisters.

This morning, my friends and I shared with each other Instagram posts from the Christian accounts we follow. One caption contained a quote that really resonated with me.

“God has a way of stripping everything that we think we need, and He leaves just Himself to us. It is never an easy thing to be in that situation; one day praising God for His goodness and the next crying out to Him to make Himself known in the storm.

When we have rooted ourselves to a safe place, God tends to rip us out of the ground and plant us somewhere new. We may hate it, revile Him for it, and even reject Him for a time. But when we look back, we will see that we needed to be uprooted, to be changed from that place that was slowly killing us. God is the master gardener, He knows all His plants by name, He delicately removes the bad weeds and waters the good seeds. He does what needs to be done, so that one day we can look back and see the majesty that He was doing.

You are being made into a beautiful thing, something that God loves to watch grow. So the next time you are taken out of your comfort zone, know that Christ is slowly making you something great, because He is doing it; and He is the greatest thing.” {T.B. LaBerge}

Isn’t that beautiful? Even in our struggles, even when we’re uprooted, God is shaping us into something miraculous. Be joyful, sister, BE JOYFUL. In every moment, He is taking your heart and soul and shaping you into who He has meant you to be – which is more than you could ever fathom. Take joy in the trial; for He is teaching your heart by the greatest love. Oh, HOW OUR GOD IS MAGNIFICENT! He truly is the greatest thing!

When you are trudging through something, after being so content and settled in His Presence, know that He is still holding you in every moment. Right now, God is surrounding you. He is within you. He is strengthening you. The Lord is pouring love in abundance over you, for you are His beloved and He cares for you.

God is in the midst of her, she will not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns. {Psalm 46:5}

Life is a joy, dear darling. Even in the valley.

With much love,


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