As a teen in today’s culture, you’re probably familiar with the popular Christian life: youth group, Sunday morning coffee, devotional studies, and Christian quotes on Instagram you tag your friends in.  But is being a Christian more than just a 5-minute Bible study? 

(Spoiler alert: YES) 😉

I can vouch that all of the above things are quite awesome. Who doesn’t love inspiring devos, coffee with friends, and fellowship? But Christianity is much, much more than that; and living it out takes faith, hope, and determination.

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called…

 1 Timothy 6:12

Determination. Life throws many trials, curveballs, and struggles our way. It really takes determination to keep your head when problems arise, and to handle them gracefully. You forgot another chore? Realized you have an 10-page essay to write? We all do these at one point, and we all get stressed. Take a deep breath, make a plan, and carry out your work. But there is one secret to help you out here.

The secret to this is prayer. Ask God to give you strength, to help you grow in your faith, to help you trust in Him. He promises over and over that if we ask, He will give us the grace to take the next step, to get through the next day. He will never give up on you, even when you give up on yourself. God will always be there for you, even when youth group starts to go south, even when school gets rough, even when you seem to fail at everything. Stay determined to be like Him. Stay determined to complete your work with a song in your heart. Stay determined to fulfill who you were created to be: a light of hope, a spreader of joy, and a giver of love. Go forth with a spirit of determination filling your heart and soul.

You got this.


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